A Mississippi River Boat Wedding

I don't know if I'll ever be able to put into words how much I LOVE this couple. We hit it off so well from the first time we met and they're the kind of people that make everyone feel loved, appreciated, and welcomed. Their wedding day was an absolute reflection of who they are as people, and as husband and wife.

Haley and CJ are high-school sweethearts who moved to Minnesota from their native New Mexico a few years ago. They got married at Holy Cross Church in Northeast Minneapolis (goooorgeous church!), and had their reception on one of Paradise Charter Cruise's boats. The 4-hour boat ride took us up and down the Mississippi River, on a tour of the beautiful October colors. After their ceremony, we headed to the Stone Arch Bridge for wedding party photos - along with half the state of Minnesota (yay for 75 degree October days!) Haley and CJ were so natural in front of the camera, which made for some really beautiful photos that you can see below :) While on the boat, they told me to just "grab them whenever" to take pictures, so we were able to really capture intimate and gorgeous moments throughout the whole night.

I wish these two a lifetime of happiness - they really are perfect for each other. One line I'll always remember is from Haley's sister's speech, where she said, "I asked Haley if she'd started practicing signing her new last name yet. She told me she's been practicing since she was 16 years old." <3